Pure Extracts Aroma Oil for Diffusers with enchanting fragrances to lure your mind, body and soul.


Lavender oil can be useful for allergies, anorexia, dizziness, sleeplessness (also in children), hay fever, headaches, depression, trauma, anxiety, hysteria, fear, nightmares, irritability, and nervous tension and as an insect repellent. Apart from that it can assist to lift depression, help in crisis situations, sooth irritability and relieve stress and thereby help with tense muscles and muscle spasms.

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What is in the box?Naturais Lavender Aroma Oil for Diffusers, 10ml

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Living in this era, one just can not escape mental stress. It is a part and parcel of everyday life for anyone and everyone but essential oils can help you to cut off that mental stress.


  • Best To Use For Aroma Burner
  • You Can Change The Oil According to Your Mood/Choice
  • Naturais Best Quality Aroma Oil. It is not for body/skin use.